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O God, You have taught me from my youth, And I still declare Your wondrous deeds.

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From Friday 03 November 2017 -  05:00pm
To Saturday 04 November 2017 - 07:00am
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Reverb is an All-Night Evangelistic Event and is one of the most exciting nights that the youth ministry can experience! It is an all-night event with a single goal: to share the Gospel with unsaved teenagers. Bus will leave the church at 5 PM on Friday. We should get back to the church around 7 AM on Saturday.

  • An awesome Gospel Message
  • All Night Activities
  • Orlando Magic Game
  • Food
  • Fun Spot Orlando
  • Games
  • Ice Skating
  • Prizes

Cost will be $50 on or before 10/22/17; between 10/23 & 10/28 the cost is $60. There will not be any registrations taken after 10/30.

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Pro Sports Game

The night starts with an Orlando Magic basketball game. This is a great opportunity for socializing and enjoying a great game on a Friday night.

Gospel Message

A dynamic speaker will clearly present the Gospel then give an invitation to accept Christ. We make sure students making a decision have someone to talk to immediately following their decision.

Intense Crowd Games

The action heats up again as the crowd is split into teams for some of the most insane games you’ve ever seen. Some take place right in the crowd while others have students down on the arena floor competing.


Eye Popping Prizes

As the crowd games rage, tons of prizes are being given away. There are big-ticket items like gaming systems, iPads, and limo rides. Prizes like shirts, hoodies, and basketballs are thrown to whoever can catch them.

Great Food

At this point in the night everyone is hungry. It’s time to break out the Pizza and soda. Pizza is trucked in to charge you up for the rest of the all-night, crazy action that is about to take place. Make sure to get your fill.

All Night Activities

The rest of the night is packed with activities like go-karts, paintball, inflatables, skating, bowling, arcades, laser tag and indoor athletic facilities that host sports including archery tag, flag football and volleyball.


Still not sure what to expect? We understand. Sometimes words just aren’t enough.

Location:  The City of Orlando
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