Coronavirus Updates

Information regarding COVID-19 & ministry function.

Virtual Kids Church Regina Rulebook 1

Sunday services have resumed, DeLand: 951AM & Deltona: 10:51AM.

Re-Opening Update

  All of us have been eager to resume in-person Sunday worship. Our Elders and Board of Ministries have had two lengthy meetings this week and have exhibited conscientious Christian leadership in assessing all issues regarding resumption of in-person Sunday services. Consequently, we will re-engage in-person worship on Sunday morning, June 14. The DeLand service will be at 9:51 a.m. and the Deltona service at 10:51 a.m.

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Re-Opening Survey

Stress, frustration, anxiety, discouragement, fear; I’m assuming you have experienced one or all these in the past two months? Not all of us have been stressed for the same reasons; each of us has had our own unique challenges. I am completing 42 years of ministry in June, and I cannot recall a challenge which has been as complex and consistently demanding as this one.

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MAY 24 Status Update

I am so grateful for our wise DAC leadership team. I am also thankful for those highly qualified professionals volunteering to serve on our Safety Task Force. Following is an updated summary from our Lead Elder Larry Koos. He says it well. 

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Update Your Info

One thing the current COVID19 crisis has taught us is the value of accurate and current information. We want you to have access to the full life of the ministry at DAC. Please take a moment to send us your contact information using our contact form

Important Updates

From time to time we send emails to the entire church body. We are very careful not to do this too often. The COVID19 crisis is the rare exception. However, even in during that crisis situation we have only sent out one email per week. If you want to receive our "Important Update" emails, all you need to do is give us permission to email you by subscribing to our Constant Contact list. You may change your email preference at any time. 

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Virtual Kids Church Sunday 10AM

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Online Giving & text giving 386-222-6711

“Dr. Brad's Bible Talk” webcast Wednesday 6PM

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