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COVID-19 SITUATION STATUS: Sunday services have resumed, DeLand: 9:51AM & Deltona: 8:31AM & 10:51AM. We are now in Phase 3 in Florida but have made provisions for the 8:31AM service to maintain social distancing protocols & practices.

A Tambourine & A Tree

Exodus 15 is a fascinating passage. God has just rescued the Israelites by parting the sea for them to walk through, and drowning the Egyptian army when they tried to follow. The immediate response of Israel was, “Then the children of Israel sang this song to Yahweh.” The entire nation became a choir. Moses’ sister Miriam even gets out her tambourine, and sings a response of praise to their praise.

Not only did they sing praise to the LORD for delivering them yesterday, they included advanced praise for the enemies they anticipated on the way to the promised land. But, just three days later, “… the people complained against Moses …”. They were in a desert with no water and when they found water it was poisonous.
The Apostle Paul tells us to learn from Israel (1 Corinthians 10:6-11). When things don’t go the way we assumed we should not lose our faith. God rescued Israel and brought them into a desert; apparently without water? But, God led them there to “test” them (Exodus 15:25), so He could reveal another truth about Himself. It was there they learned God was their Healer. He purified the water.
This pandemic has provided more unknowns than knowns. It has gone on (stay at home, quarantine, six feet apart) much longer than any of us assumed or preferred. I’ll let you apply the counsel of the Apostle Paul. Hallelujah!

With You Following Him,

Pastor Brad

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