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Berean Alliance Church and School in Haiti

In Carrefour, Haiti a small home Bible study was started in a room with bare concrete floor and walls. As the group grew it moved from a Bible study to a church service in the alley way just outside the home. The alley became too small and they moved to a bigger alley/street.

Haiti Home Group

The Next Haiti Trip

Now that construction is complete and the school is opened, there is not such an urgent need for teams to visit. We do not have a scheduled trip at this time, but we do expect to in the future.

Current Needs:

  • The biggest need is cintinual prayer. The political climate is volitile and this affects everyone there in a variety of ways.
  • Donations to the Newt Kulp Scholarship Fund to help educate and care for the children in this impoverished community.

Please designate Gifts to the Newt Kulp Scholarship Fund
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The decision was made by the Haitian church's leadership that it was time to procure property on which they could build a church. They raised money toward the purchase of the property and lease the adjacent property for use as the new church's permanent structure is being built.

The challenges for the people of Haiti are many and very serious. The DAC missions team has recognized the great needs and seen some inspirational efforts by both the leaders and the membership of the church in Haiti. As a result of those observations our missions team has responded by coming along side them to assist in the development of Christ's church in Carrefour.

For more information, contact Newt Kulp (386-837-1315).


History of the Congregation

  • Started in an alley under a tarp
  • Moved from the alley, which was plagued by water run-off in heavy rains, to an adjacent property on a concrete slab under a tin roon with no walls
  • 2012 about 250 attendees
  • 2013 about 275 attendees
  • 2014 about 325 attendees
  • 2015 350+ attending services
  • 2015 400+ attending services
  • 2017 Building sctructure completed
  • 2018 School Dedication & Opening.
Haiti Home Group


Market Place


Many organizations go to places like Haiti and try various projects that end up withering away. Our missions team believes that one reason for such disappointing results has been that they have not worked directly with the people they are trying to help. Our teams work directly with the people who will benefit from the project. The project goals have been defined by the leadership of the local church in Carrefour in reponse to their prayers for the Lord's leading. We are simply fulfilling Christ's commands to love our Haitian neighbors (Mark 12:31) and let our light so shine that they glorify our Father in Heaven. (Matthew 5:16)

Working Together

Their Contributions

  • Raised enough funds for their share of the cost of the land
  • 30-40 men and woman help with the construction of the security walls and storage building
  • Raised a share of the money to pay for the materials of the above
  • Completely financed the move to the neighboring lot so construction could start on the new building (75 by 50 meter cement slab and roof)

Our Contributions

  • Provided labor along side the Haitians to build the walls, security building and foundation
  • Directed Vacation Bible School type programs for the Children
  • Made clothing and provided personal care items for the children
  • Donated many hand tools which helped the men get jobs to support their families and the church
  • Provided spiritual programs for the adults in the evenings and Sunday mornings
  • Provided funds to buy additional construction materials
  • Provide an education and care for the children and families in this community.

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