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COVID-19 SITUATION STATUS: Sunday services have resumed, DeLand: 9:51AM & Deltona: 8:31AM & 10:51AM. We are now in Phase 3 in Florida but have made provisions for the 8:31AM service to maintain social distancing protocols & practices.

MAY 24 Status Update

I am so grateful for our wise DAC leadership team. I am also thankful for those highly qualified professionals volunteering to serve on our Safety Task Force. Following is an updated summary from our Lead Elder Larry Koos. He says it well. 
DAC family,
It has been a blessing to enjoy the great worship and preaching online. But, like you, I’m also waiting for the day we can assemble together in the sanctuary.
To that end, the DAC Health and Safety Task Force Pastor Brad has formed is meeting, and making good progress. While I can’t tell you a future date when we’ll re-open the doors, I can tell you the three things we are working on to make that happen.
First, we will not set a date to re-open until Governor Desantis moves our area into Phase 2 of the reopening plan. This phase is tied to measured rates of infection and recovery as well as available hospital capacity. The task force thinks this represents the earliest point when we can safely consider opening.
Second, we need to make sure we have all the proper cleaning products and personal protection equipment in place so we can disinfect the church between services. The church staff began looking for and ordering this equipment many weeks ago, but the demand is great and we don’t expect some of it to show up until the end of May at the earliest.
But the church won’t clean itself, so we also have to put together a volunteer team to help with the cleaning process and train them in the proper procedures to keep us all safe. While we can build the team prior to Phase 2, we cannot start training them until Phase 2 starts and the right equipment is in place.
All this is a long-winded way of saying that we are looking at the middle of June as the earliest we could re-open. We have much to do between now and then, so please stay tuned for more announcements about how you can help. In the meantime, please continue in prayer as we are in great need of wisdom as we move forward.
Trusting Him to guide us,

Larry Koos

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